Sunday, June 1, 2014

Director Xavier Ybarra in Post-Production on Tu Martir

Film Director Xavier Ybarra editing Vida Tinta's Tu Martir.

Film Director Xavier Ybarra has been in post-production for the last couple of week perfecting the final sequence of Vida Tinta's "Tu Martir." A music video that's been a long time coming, set to be released early June, 2014. With it's dark storyline, Director Xavier Yarra intends to bring an equally stimulating visual presentation to the screen. 

Film Director Xavier Ybarra viewing and taking notes on Vida Tinta's Tu Martir Music Video.
"When telling a story visually it's extremely important to get it right. For the simple fact that you're replacing the imagination of the listener. What they may have envisioned for the song is now gone... and they're stuck with your version of it. When they hear the song without visuals, your decisions are now etched in their minds." Director Xavier Ybarra tells us.

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