Saturday, May 17, 2014

Vida Tinta's "Tu Martir" Music Video Coming Soon

"I'm working hard to bring everyone something I've never done before." Director Xavier Ybarra tells us. The music video Tu Martir is currently in post-production and is set to be released early June. What should we expect from Xavier Ybarra's interpretation of Vida Tinta's Tu Martir? "For me, the story of the song is dark. The sort of pain that comes from the loss of love distorts the mind. The very memories that once brought happiness, now bring severe suffering. The visual story I'm working to bring audience is sure to reflect just that."

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Thursday, May 8, 2014

Director Xavier Ybarra to direct "Tu Martir"

Director Xavier Ybarra with the Tu Martir script in Hollywood, CA.
Film Director, Xavier Ybarra, of Signature Xavier is set to direct the new music video for the song "Tu Martir" from the Compton based Spanish Rock Band Vida Tinta's first album, "Ya No Hay Amor". His approach for the music video came from the desire to show the suffering a person goes through when the love of their life is suddenly gone. "Such circumstances cause unusual behavior from otherwise well behaved people. Human emotion and the effects they have on us are fascinating to me. I hope that's what's portrayed in the music video as an end result." Xavier explains.

Director Xavier Ybarra with the Tu Martir script in Hollywood, CA

Xavier Ybarra has also directed the Spanish Rock Bands first official music video La Pastilla (from the second album "Sueno Americano"), the commercial for the second albumand the short documentary titled The Truth Behind Vida Tinta. See Director Xavier Ybarra's Reel(Links to each project are provided below.)

Vida Tinta
Available on iTunes

La Pastilla - Director Xavier Ybarra
Official Music Video "La Pastilla"

Sueno Americano - Director Xavier Ybarra
Commercial for Album "Sueno Americano"

The Truth Behind Vida Tinta - Director Xavier Ybarra
Documentary "The Truth Behind Vida Tinta"

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