Tuesday, October 14, 2014


Left: Artist Alé, Middle: Director Xavier Ybarra, Right: Actress/Model Priscilla Jaramillo

Director Xavier Ybarra was approached by Music Artist Alé to direct his single Niña Bruja several weeks ago. The song is about a musician who's been placed under a spell by a bruja (played by Priscilla Jaramillo) who practices the dark arts. The concept of the video starts when the musician confronts the bruja's spell and try's to break from it with his music. While the musician plays his heart out to over power the spell, the bruja plays her own tune as a seductress. In the end, the musician is battling to save his soul. While the bruja works to steal it. Director Xavier Ybarra says, "It's a high concept video and is geared to be sexy and entertaining. It's interesting how the idea for the video came about. As I was writing the script, I was inspired by a photo hanging on the wall in the cafe I was sitting in.

Director Xavier Ybarra storyboarding Niña Bruja.

The simple light reflections, on the glass in the picture frame blending over the image, sparked the concept for the video. I love the way the imagination works. From storyboard to screen, it all went according to plan on set Saturday. Now it's all about post-production."

Director Xavier Ybarra and his team (Anthony Bloodworth and George Ohan) filmed the music video Saturday, October 11th, 2014. Now the Director will spend the next couple weeks editing. Director Xavier Ybarra says, "What I love about editing, is that it's exactly like directing for me. After directing the story on set, I must now find the direction the story is to unfold for the audience. Even though each shot was storyboarded and carefully planned, everything changes in the editing room. There's an unlimited amount of possibilities on the direction you can take the project and that's exciting." The video is to be released October 25th, 2014. 

The official Behind-The-Scenes photos and videos coming soon.

Director Xavier Ybarra and Actress/Model Priscilla Jaramillo

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Sunday, October 5, 2014

Tu Martir Released With Behind-The-Scenes Photos

Vida Tinta's Tu Martir was well received at the House of Blues on Sunset Blvd. on August 28, 2014. Director Xavier Ybarra and Vida Tinta are grateful to those who made it to the event. 

Photo by George Ohan

Here's what Director Xavier Ybarra says about the video, "The end result is so much different than what I set out to create. While shaping the video it began to take a new form, a great one. That's what I love about the creative editing process. I had a great time making this music video, because I had the time and creative freedom to experiment." 

Below are unreleased behind-the-scenes photos from the different days on set filming Tu Martir.