Friday, December 11, 2015



How do I make a music video? There are many answers to this question. In this video you'll get a closer look into Director Xavier Ybarra's planning process of making a music video. 

The first step to making a music video is understanding what the music artist is looking for. This part of the process requires good communication between the music artist and the director. After all, it's their music you're building the visuals for. Once you have a clear idea, it's time to write the script. 

A music video script doesn't have to be as extensive as a film script. As long has you get the steps across. However, the better written the more your crew will understand what's happening on set.

The next steps to making a music video are optional, depending on the size of your production. The storyboards, storyboarding your music video is a great visual tool for everyone on set the day of production. Looking at a shooting script may still warrant explanation. Looking at the storyboard tells your crew a lot about what you want. Including framing, camera movement, and even choice of lens. 

Next comes the shot list. (If you skip the storyboard process this would come next after writing the script.) The shot list is a breakdown of every camera setup you intend on performing. On this shot list, I include the scene number, shot number, camera movement and angle, lens choice, and an abbreviated description of the meaning of the camera angle and camera move.


Watch the video to learn more about the directors creative process.


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Monday, November 9, 2015


Day Dream is a short film written and directed by Xavier Ybarra. The short film is based on a man successfully pursing his dream. Yet, having a feeling deep within himself he's living the wrong life. The concept sounds like a Twilight Zone episode. 

Director Xavier Ybarra tells us about his writing process. "I was enjoying a cup of coffee sitting at the Coffee Bean on Hollywood Blvd and Orange. That's where I like to reflect. Then this feeling came over me and I pulled out my phone and started typing. It was a strange feeling I can only explain in this manner. It's that feeling you'd get as a child when you've done something terribly wrong and are about to get caught. While my mind is thinking I'm going the wrong way. After sharing the writing with my wife, she encouraged me to turn it into a film."

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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Run As One Puerto Rico Chapter Makes History

History was made today in Camuy, Puerto Rico as veterans and civilians gathered together to unite with the efforts of Team RWB to honor Marine veteran, Clay Hunt, on the 4th annual Run as One (read more Team RWB). The veterans of Puerto Rico proudly ran side by side displaying a strong bond of brotherhood. 

It was an amazing experience and privilege to capture the veterans and civilians as flags flew high across the beautiful sky. A powerful statement was made as they made their way across the city. 

From rocky mountain terrain to neighborhood streets, the presence of each person inspired the locals to leave their homes and join in.  While other's learned of our cause. The excitement on their faces made me realize how powerful of an affect we were making. 

As a director and filmmaker, it's a dream to find an amazing story and share it with the world. What makes this monumental in nature is Puerto Rico's Wounded Warrior Project, lead by Daniel Dumas, and Puerto Rico's Team RWB Chapter have made great strides to bridge the gap of communication between veterans and civilians as well as changing the way civilians view veterans. The main message I felt was delivered today to fellow veterans was spoken by Team RWB Chapter Captain, Lemuel Diaz, "We are here for you, you are not alone." Followed by the words of Veterans Outreach Director, George Ohan, "We were once leaders. We will be leaders again."